Terms and conditions of reservation and cancellation

Terms and conditions of reservation and cancellation

Thank you for your reservation and welcome to enjoy your time at Hattusaari! To ensure the best possible visit take a few minutes to study our reservation and cancellation policy below.

The following reservation and cancellation terms and conditions apply at Hattusaaren Rantamajat. These terms are binding after the customer makes an advance payment or pays both advance and final payments at once. Advance payment and final payment must be covered on the due date mentioned in the invoice at latest. For last minute reservations (less than six weeks until arrival) we charge the complete price instantly. In case of cancellation THE CUSTOMER MUST INFORM HATTUSAAREN RANTAMAJAT immediately by email, letter or phone. Unpaid advance or final payment does not mean cancellation of the reservation nor releasing the customer from these terms.

If a reservation is made more than six weeks prior to arrival the customer will receive two separate invoices: an advance payment of approximately 30 % of the charge and a final payment of 70 % (due 30 days prior to arrival). If the reservation is for less than seven days both advance payment and final payment will be 50 %.

In case the reservation is made less than six weeks prior to arrival, the complete price will be charged in one installment.

Hattusaaren Rantamajat reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the payment is not made by the due date.

To make a reservation a person must be at least 18 years old.


A cancellation must always be made in writing. In case the cancellation information arrives late or not at all, the cancellation can only be accepted if the customer is able to prove that it was made and sent to the correct address at a correct time. An advance payment is reserved at a cancellation of a reservation.

In case the cancellation is made later than 30 days prior to arrival, the complete price will be charged. We recommend our customers to have travel insurance.

Rights of Hattusaaren Rantamajat to cancel a reservation

In case of an issue impossible to overcome we reserve the right to lay off the contract. We are liable to inform our customer promptly and the customer has a right to inherit the complete payment made to Hattusaaren Rantamajat.

Damage compensation

The customer is in obligation to replace or cover for the damages caused to the property or it’s valuables.


Number of guests

Allowed number of guests is informed in the description of each vacation rental or follows the number of guests that has been agreed on when making a reservation. If hosting a party or another occassion at the vacation rental, it must be informed to and agreed with Hattusaaren Rantamajat in advance. Also the use of a hot tub, a caravan or a tent on the property needs to be agreed in advance. Travel beds and highchairs are available only when asked and we recommend to ask about the availability in advance.


Possible complaints

All complaints concerning the condition or equipment of a vacation rental must be appointed promptly when occurred, later complaints will not be noted. Belongings forgotten to a vacation rental will be kept for two weeks after check out. Belongings can be delivered to the customer by mail on request. The customer is responsible for the costs of delivery and Hattusaaren Rantamajat will charge a 15 € service fee per delivery.

Right to change prices

If the customer is charged an incorrect amount due to a technical error in the system, the cottage owner has the right to charge the correct amount.


Customer’s responsibilities and check out

The check-in time on the day of arrival is at 4 pm and the check out time on the day of depart is at 12 pm unless agreed otherwise. The customer will receive keys to the rental upon check-in.

The customer is responsible for lost keys of the rental and therefore customer is also responsible for the costs of installing new locks and having new keys made.

Smoking is prohibited indoors and the vacation rental has to be in tidy condition when checking out. Cleaning of the vacation rental during stay and at the end is the customer’s responsibility, unless a final cleaning has been bought in advance. The customer is responsible to cover the costs of cleaning if smoking indoors has occurred, the rental has not been cleaned or has been cleaned deficiently and the owner of rental has to clean properly afterwards.


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